Meet the Bosses

Joe Novak

Boss Man

A third generation cattle rancher, Joe’s been involved in the cattle business his entire life. After attending college he holds both a Business Administration degree and a Construction Management degree. He started out in construction, working his way up until he owned three construction companies.

Joe eventually decided to retire from the construction industry and return to his real passion: cattle ranching. Joe loves working long hours, using big farm equipment, and spending time with his family.

Jessica Novak

Boss Lady

Jessica holds a degree in Art Education from Hope College, where she and Joe met. She’s been keeping him in line ever since. Jessica worked as an art teacher before she started helping Joe with his business ventures.

Jessica is now in charge of all our record keeping and office management. When she’s not being a boss owner and a boss mom, she enjoys relaxing by the water or with family.

Addie Novak

Future Boss

Addie, Joe and Jessica’s oldest, will graduate in 2025 with a degree in Communication Arts and Business. She is the        Co-Collaborator of MBF and Boss Beef’s Marketing.

Izzie Novak

Future Boss

Izzie, Joe and Jessica’s youngest, is attending the University of Michigan starting fall of 2024. She is the Co-Collaborator of MBF and Boss Beef’s Marketing. 

Diggs Novak

Boss Dog

Diggity “Diggs” Novak, an Australian Cattle Dog, has no fear and will casually take on a 1,800 pound bull if it gets out of line. He also wants you to know that he is a very good boy.

Marley Novak

Boss Dog

Marley, nicknamed “the princess,” is a Cardigan Welsh Corgi who likes to herd more than her brother does. She enjoys chasing cattle and excels at not being stepped on.

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