Behind the Beef

How Boss Came to Be

 We— “the Novak’s”— never do things half way. When we decided to go into the ranching business, we were all in. Starting out with just one bull and three heifers, Maplebrook Farms was established. Now the MBF herd has grown to over 350 animals and counting! In the early days we kept our small herd on our home property, but we have since expanded to multiple different properties totaling 300+ acres within Southwest Michigan.

Over the years, we have completely renovated our “Main Farm” creating the ideal facility for a growing cattle operation. Adding on to our original barn for feeding, birthing, and storage purposes— our main location now radiates that Boss energy. In 2020 we built a 100-yard open-air monoslope barn giving us the ideal in-barn housing for our cattle. The monoslope barn allows us to feed optimal amounts of haylage, grain, corn silage, etc. which in turn provides our cattle with the nutrients to fill out and grow. 

With our growing herd we have decided to venture into direct consumer meats. We feel the need for high quality, clean meat in the markets and we are here to give it to you! Maplebrook Farms is proud to offer Boss Beef meats for all your needs.  

Maplebrook Farms LLC | MBF Angus


Maplebrook Farms is proud to supply all premium beef for Boss Beef. Our famliy run farm offers a variety of products including but not limited to: Whole or Half-interest Cattle, Embryo Transfer Recip Program, and Frozen Semen or Embryos. Find out more with the link below.

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